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Harvesting Wheat

The main raw material for the production of straw pellets is wheat straw, which is left over after the grain harvesting. Every year, at harvest time we collect straw from over 3000 hectares of our fields.
This allows us to ensure top quality from crop to end product.
Moisture is an important factor therefore we pay a lot of attention to it. Straw is collected when it is at 12-18% humidity level, due to this there is no need for extra drying, this allows us to provide you the best product for a competitive price.
Collected straw is chopped and milled into fractions the length of up to 4 mm. Later, with the help of high pressure it is compressed to produce straw pellets. During production process pellets are heated to 150 °C therefore all bacteria and mold are destroyed.
This makes our product antiallergic and prevents the emergence of mold.
No chemicals are used during production, pellets are all natural and environmentally friendly.
In the end pellets are cooled, cleaned of dust and packed into packages of your choosing.
Additionally, pellets can be crushed to use for larger animals. 
Overall, the pellets meet the following technical specifications: diameter 8 mm, length of 5-30 mm, the relative humidity of 8-12%, bulk density of 550-650 kg / m3, with the moisture absorption of about 400% of weight gain.
The pellets are packed according to your chosing to 15kg or 1 ton bags.

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